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Mosman Eating

Connecting foodies to feeders in our community.

Mosman Eating is a way for the local community to see which restaurants are providing delivery or collection in Mosman during this bonkers time.

We need to provide as much support as possible for the businesses who have been brought to their knees by COVID-19, the only way they can continue to operate throughout this crisis and be there to feed us on the other side is if we continue to spend with them.

Delivery apps charge huge commissions which aren't sustainable right now, so please find something you fancy and order direct :) 

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How you can #savehospo

Amidst this Coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants and bars that make up Sydney’s typically coveted and sprightly dining scene are being forced to lay off staff and close up shop due to a drastic fall in business, and in some cases, the absence of business altogether. The public’s ever-growing sense of uncertainty and panic is devastating the industry and unless we band together as a community and support our local haunts we may need to bid them adieu forever.

But all is not lost! Here are a few simple things you can do right now to help our local businesses stay afloat through the crisis – the decisions you choose to make could spell the difference between your favourite restaurants and bars surviving the madness and closing their doors for good!

Purchase gift cards

Sure, now might not be your most preferred time to head out with the family or your significant other for a weekend feed but, you could purchase a gift card or two to use in the future once the madness blows over. This provides the business with an instant injection of much-needed cash – remember, every little bit counts.

Order takeaway and delivery

Contact restaurants directly to aorder takeaway, if you’d like an iso break, and delivery so they can avoid paying the high commissions associated with third-party delivery apps. Every restaurant that can is implementing some form of delivery service so make the most of this convenient amenity and order direct – they’ll love you for it!

Tip generously

Need we say more?

Purchase merchandise

Love that restaurant? Then show them some love and buy their merch! Embrace your newfound side hustle of being a walking billboard and wear their brand proudly on your sleeve.

Help advertise and spread the word

Share your snaps, like and engage with bars and restaurants online and review your favourite hotspots to drive more customers their way.


Give them an (air) hug and remind them of how fantastic they are.

So what are you waiting for! We’re all in this together so be the change you wish to see, make a difference and support your locals.

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